Training a PA is Safe

The model of the Physician Assistant is a graduate level trained medical practioner that works as a team with physicians and nursing staff.

A PA is a dependent practitioner. Our laws require that we work under a supervising physician practicing medicine in the scope of practice of our supervising physician. A PA cannot train under you, and then go across the street and open a practice in competition with you. The only way a PA can compete with you is if one of your own fellow Mohs Surgeons hires your Mohs PA away.

Why would your fellow Mohs Surgeon do this to you?

Why would your dedicated Mohs PA leave you?

The answer to these questions usually relate to relationships and compensation. A PA must practice with and how the supervising physician likes to practice. A working relationship between the PA and MD must be cordial. If the PA and MD do not get along or have differences of opinion on treatment or diagnosis, the team will not work. This will usually be apparent after a few months of working & like any new employee there is a probationary period. Compensation would be the other obvious reason that a PA might leave your practice. Not everything is about money, but PAs are professionals that generate revenue for the practice, and deserve adequate compensation.You will see that a Mohs PA is well worth their weight in gold.