Quality of Life

Quality of Life … your life.

Hiring a Mohs PA could possibly be the best thing you could do for yourself.

A Mohs PA can play a role in [preoperative and postoperative care] relieving the Mohs Surgeon of some of the redundancies of typical patient care.

The Mohs Surgeon always performs the removal of the cancer and the evaluation of margins. It is the Mohs PA that can assist with answering last minute patient questions, anesthetizing patients, hemostasis, setup and take down of the steril field for Mohs stages.

Once cancers have been removed the PA can act as a first assistant for difficult repairs by providing exposure for hemostasis. Some Mohs PAs only do the final layer of sutures, while most do intermediate and complex closures. There are some experienced Mohs PAs that do grafts and up to 90% of flap repair work, allowing the Mohs Surgeon to quickly plan and cut the flap and turning it over to the Mohs PA, or providing hemostasis together and the Mohs Surgeon placing the key stitch prior to turining it over to the Mohs PA to finish the repair. This is entirely up to the Mohs Surgeon and the Mohs PA comfort level.

[Charting and dications] can be partially to completely transferred to the responsibility of the Mohs PA.

Increased revenue and productivity are the most astonishing benefits of a Mohs PA.